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19 October 2021
Press Release
Protect Girls’ Rights and End Child Marriage

Renewed Call to Protect Girls’ Rights and End Child Marriage in East and Southern Africa

When girls are forced to drop out of school because they get married, often well before their 18th birthday and seldom as a choice, it perpetuates a lifetime of poverty and the denial of girls’... Read more

11 October 2021
Celebrating Day of the Girl

Girls are born with power, Dr Kanem

Girls are born with power. Every girl has within her possibilities that should flourish as she moves into adulthood, shaping her future and, with it, the world. We see examples of this everywhere, in... Read more

13 September 2021
"13 Year Olds Among Those Bearing Children in Quthing," Nurse Midwife

Early and Unintended Pregancies Rife in Quthing - 13 Year Olds Among Those Bearing Children

For the Quthing government hospital, the maternity ward most often has more teenagers than other women of child bearing age. According to a Nurse Midwife working in the maternity ward at the hospital... Read more

2 September 2021

Early and Unintended Pregnancies are destroying the lives of Young Girls in Quthing.

The story of Thato.   Mamokake Mokake (82) will never forget how devastated and hurt she was when she discovered that her 17-year-old grandchild was pregnant while she was still in school. Now all... Read more

25 August 2021

Lesotho Launches Branded Packaging of Condoms and Lubricants

In an effort to prevent HIV and make condoms more attractive for effective and efficient use, Lesotho recently launched the Branded Packaging of Male and Female Condoms and Lubricants – Plug’n Play.... Read more

12 August 2021
Celebrating Youth Day

Celebrating International Youth Day

International Youth Day 1.21 billion. That’s how many young people between 15 - 24 inhabit the earth – 15.5 per cent of the global population, according to estimates in the 2020 United Nations World... Read more

10 August 2021
Building resilient civil registration and vital statistics systems in Africa

Building resilient civil registration and vital statistics systems in Africa

Africa Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Day is celebrated on 10 August every year, with the aim of increasing public awareness on the importance of the timely registration of vital events,... Read more

11 July 2021
Commemorating World Population Day

The COVID-19 pandemic may have lasting consequences on population.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have lasting consequences on population.   For some, it has led some to postponing childbearing. For others, disruptions in health care have led to unintended pregnancies... Read more

7 July 2021
Lesotho Develops Policy on Learner Pregnancy

Lesotho Develops Policy on Prevention of Learner Pregnancies

Lesotho is in the process of developing a Prevention and Management Learner Pregnancy Policy which will focus on prevention and management of Early and Unintended Pregnancy (EUP) for learners. The... Read more

28 June 2021

Maternal Death Review shows that the loss of many women’s lives could been avoided if action was taken.

A shocking Maternal Death Review report, funded by UNFPA, was recently released by the Ministry of Health. It shows that between 2011 and 2015 a total of 215 maternal deaths were reported from the... Read more