Many Women Failed by Workplace Injustices and Education Systems” Rethabile “Sebaibai” Sakoane
For Rethabile “Sebaibai” Sakoane, Gender Based Violence is a cancer that should be treated with severe force because if people keep on tip-toeing around the issue and giving excuses for incidents of GBV or even affordin...
“Lipsticks and Scars, Thakane Shale
Have you ever connected or related lipsticks with story-telling publications? Well, Thakane Shale - “a young woman based in Lesotho and who loves words, women and wine,” has done exactly that. Thakane  is a lawyer, writ...
Press Release
“It’s time for technology companies and policymakers to take digital violence seriously,” said UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem. “Right now, corporate logos and copyrighted IP receive greater protection online than we do as human beings.”

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